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Equipnor AB was founded in 2015 through a partnership between the defense equipment suppliers Neptunus Hav & Land AB (SWE, 2008) and it´s business partner Equipnor AS (NOR, 1996). Today the company employes a total of 35 individuals located on offices in Sweden (AB) and Norway (AS). 

Equipnor AB operates as a qualified equipment supplier and a center of competence for supply of systems solutions targeting Swedish Government Authorities. Our company holds adequate resources to pursue comprehensive and far reaching projects throughout the market. We provide fast and solid ”boots on the ground support” in all areas of the defense, border control & law enforcement arena. Equipnor AB which is focusing on the Swedish territory have offices on 4 locations which ables our staff to reach all areas of the country from south to north by car within 5 hours.

- Equipnor AB holds ISO9001:2015 and 14001:2015
- Equipnor AB holds all necessary certificates and government authorization to perform business with weapons & munitions.

Our offer:
• Weapons, Optics, Ammunition and Explosive devices
• Ballistic protection for individuals, objects and vehicles
• Military Diving Equipment
• CBRN-equipment
• Multi-Spectral camouflage equipment
• Electro optics: IR/Thermal/SWIR
• Tactical electronics/ISR/EOD
• UAV | Anti-UAV
• Communication/Navigation equipment
• Tactical Access/MOE
• Technical garments/footwear
• General soldier worn equipment

Our customers:
• The Swedish Armed Forces
• The Swedish Police
• The Swedish Coast guard
• The Swedish Rescue Services
• The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
• The Swedish Maritime Administration
• The United Nations

• A number of Swedish industry customers

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