Maritime Equipment

Equipnor enjoys unique competence in maritime activities and partners with a large number of high-end developers of maritime equipment. We work closely with several of our customers on development projects and have supplied a large number of products through the years, from single components to advanced system solutions for activities above and below the surface. Our target environment are; diving units, amphibious units and marine assault teams.

Our range of products supplied to clients with maritime tasks include ABC Diving gear, Breathing equipment, Floatation devices, Navigation equipment, Drysuits, Assault suits, Rescue suits, Boarding equipment, Diving instruments,
Boat crew equipment, Communication equipment, Transportation devices, Illumination tools
and more...

Basic Equipment

Load Bearing Equipment

Transportation Devices

Floatation Devices

Navigation Equipment

Military Dry & Wetsuits

Diving Instruments

Crew & Rescue Suits

Partners within Maritime Equipment