Equipnor is an experienced supplier of Electro Optic devices and sensors, including; Night vision equipment, Target illuminators, Range finders, Weapon sights, Thermal sensors, Flashlights, Helmet lights and Warning equipment.
As partners to some of the very best manufacturers of electro optic equipment we are able to offer components and system solutions covering most needs. We have supplied a large number of electro optic solutions to military and law enforcement
clients in Norway and Sweden. We are involved in several development projects and hold a number of agreements within
the area of electro optic equipment. We are used to dealing with ITAR-regulated equipment and are experienced in dealing with international laws and transportation issues.

Laser/Range finder

Weapon Platform Lights

AstroScope Night Vision

Weapon Lights

Night Vision Goggles

Helmet Lights

Thermal imaging

Handheld Lights

Partners within Optics/Laser/IR/Lights